Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas holiday's - hurrah!!

Well its that time of year. Exams over, packed up the apartment and looking forward to catching up with my friends and taking some time out. This semester has gone quickly but even though i'm really happy for the break I can't wait to get back as some of my favourite modules are coming up. This semester I am going to learn spanish and cannot wait, spanish is the most widely spoken language in the world...apparently. Took french at school but I think being able to speak spanish is going to open a lot more doors especially as i'd like to do some work placement in europe, preferably Spain or at least take a vacation there sometime.

When I was learning french we had...obviously the teacher and book but now you can learn spanish via video or podcast which I think is going to suit me a lot better as I like to learn by watching and the podcasts will be great for the car - also i'll be able to hook up with some native spanish speakers via Skype to practice my conversational spanish and pronunciation - I think its going to work well.

Hope everyone is doing well and i'm going to try and post more frequently in the future.

Happy holiday's and I hope to checkin next year.